Welcome to Unity! A fast tool for prototyping or completing high-quality games.
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This class is not designed to show you everything. It's to make game dev more approachable and give you the confidence to get started.

Below is a rough outline of what we'll be going through. It should be useful to help keep everyone on the same page as well as providing a reference / reminder of what we talked about later.

Class Sections:
Section 1- Getting Around Unity
Section 2- Basic Lighting and Project Organization
Section 3- Basic Physics and Scripting
Section 4- Level Building, More Scripting, and Publishing
Section 5- Triggers, Materials, and PreFabs
Section 6- Sound and GUI

Script Examples:

Updated PlayerMovement.cs (Section 5)

Updated PlayerMovement.cs 2 (Section 6)
Updated MovingWall.cs (Secontion 6)